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In 2023, offers will be digitally bookable and information autonomously retrievable.
Print media will remain in the drawer.

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3-5 star hotels generate over 10.000€ monthly through our app.

Upselling and cross-selling has never been simpler. Carlito lets you automate sales and generate more additional revenue with less work!

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Achieve more using less hotel staff. With autonomous guests and efficient communication, your top employees can focus on what matters most: Providing an unforgettable stay experience.

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Everything your guests need in your App

Print was yesterday. With your very own hotel app you can elevate hospitalityto the next level and digitize processes with ease.

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Technology for humans - Digitalization has never been simpler

Our easy drag-and-drop tools make it possible for even the most computer-averse to new handle technologies!

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Before Carlito we had two receptionists - now we're down to one.
Martin Pircher, Hotel Avidea ****
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